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I assume you have a folder item in Ultra Recall that corresponds to a "tasks" folder in Outlook.

You then create a new task in this folder in Outlook, then sync this folder with the linked "Tasks" folder in Ultra Recall and a new linked (or stored) task is created in Ultra Recall. So far as expected.

You then sync the "Tasks" folder item in Ultra Recall (again), and another duplicate task is created in Outlook. If you then sync the "Tasks" folder item in Ultra Recall yet again, it then creates a matching duplicate task item in Ultra Recall. This behavior continues as you continue syncing in Ultra Recall?

This is certainly not expected or intended, nor can we guess what could possibly cause it since duplicate outlook urls should always be identified/handled...

Please create a new .urd file, then do the same steps to recreate the issue by creating duplicate Info Items with identical Outlook url values. Zip and email this .urd file, as well as the info from Help | About | Install Info, to for our analysis.

If I have misunderstood the situation, please provide more detail so we can assist further.
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