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Four suggestions

1. The footer totals in Child Items list is very useful. It would be helpful to (more) highlight the footer line because it blends into the environment. I tried to choose another theme but these colors did not change.

2. Staying in the footer totals: I see a sum, but I can't use it. I need to manually type the number in another location with the option of mistyping. A 'Copy headers & footers' option would be useful in the right click menu.

3. Many items have long titles. The tabs assigned to such items are too wide, occupying almost the entire area. A tab rename option would be useful, also for locked, hoisted tabs, allowing narrow tab sizes (such as those solved in Total Commander's folder tabs).

4. Situation: I'm browsing through an old, long description with the intention of updating. I'll select a word to rewrite. Oops, this is a locked item. Click, unlock, and I lost my text position.
Is there a way to preserve the text cursor position?
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