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Well, in an ideal world I'd like 2 different views :-)

One would be a property grid for a single step, so that I can view/edit all the properties within a single grid - no tabbing around required. This is similar to what VisualStudio provides. This could be a floating dockable tool window.

Another view would be an Excel-style spreadsheet, organized in a hierarchal manner, where each step would be a hierarchal element, with different categories as sub-hierarchal elements. Sort of a sequence of property grids contained within a spreadsheet. This might be a view window similar to the output pane, but it could also be just another tool window.

This would allow users to visualize multiple steps together as a single unit.

For example, I use loops to control the behavior of multiple steps. It would be very powerful to be able to visualize the entry loop conditions and the steps that perform actions all at the same time.

Thanks for the info about disabling validation.
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