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The prev/next buttons are ok, but they only take me to the same tab in the other step. What is needed is something that allows me to get more of the entire context of the current step, as well as in other steps.

What would be nice is something similar to Visual Studio's property grid. An Excel table might be useful but a purely flat layout is not ideal. A hiearchal table, like the property grid, would be better. An excel table with a hierarchal layout would also work.

Partial and incomplete edits should be supported. It should allow me to move around without requiring me to fill in missing fields. Don't do validation until the "Save" button is clicked (or use a similar heuristic). Currently in the modal dialog I cannot move around when a required field is missing. This often forces me to put junk into those required fields just to be able to navigate around.

Edit-in-place should be supported.

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