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Add a property grid or view window that displays the properties of a step

In a large VBP project there are many steps, and the only to view the contents of a step is to bring up the properties modal dialog. This forces me to bring up many dialogs to view a sequence of steps, and to click Cancel or OK on each before I can go to the next step. On a large project this is time consuming and slow.

It would be very useful if there were a display, similar to the current Output window, that would show the properties as I scrolled through the steps. I'd settle for a linear, flat display, but it would be really nice if it used something like a property grid with categories, where each category corresponded to a tab in the current properties dialog.

This would allow me to quickly cursor through a project and be able to absorb the details of the steps.

As a bonus, let me directly edit the properties in the grid. I would probably never use the modal dialog again.
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