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Tested the update release. The 'Import: append to current item' behavior is somehow unpredictable ..

This is my test scenario ...
* A tree of one parent and two children.
* Parent has four lines in the editor
* Feature enabled
* Parent is selected in tree

Dragging first line from parent details into child 1, appends the content to the parent itself, but not the child. It did not append the dragged text, but the content of the clipboard, instead.

This is not what I expected.

Also ...
Dragging content from external apps works differently. Using above test, but this time I'm dragging rtf text from an external app.

Looks like I have to actually select the tree item first before I drag text to it. Even though, the tree item gets highlighted by simply pointing the mouse to it giving the indication that it is my target. This is different behavior when this feature is disabled as I'm not required to select the item before dragging to it. Simply pointing to any item in the tree makes it my target.

My understanding is that when this feature is enabled, dragging text (from within UR or outside of it) should always append to whatever the mouse is pointing to similar to creating children by dragging.
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