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Travel Journal Example-2

screen - TravJur - 03
0 - Month-Trip-Leg Template

StephenUK's original request was for a chronological stream of Items under a Month parent (Grouping Header), but this sample structure also lends itself to grouping by Trip (a Trip can have many Legs - sub-groupings) and a Trip can encompass work for more than one Client and/or more than one Job for a Client.

Another consideration is that this parent Item (Grouping Header) could be based on the Task Template, just depends on how you look at things and what your needs are.

I've placed copies of Flight, Expense, Note Templates as children of the Month Template, this may or may not be useful. Although it does provide a starting point for a new Month group, these children are still just copies of the original Templates.

If you want to set some default values for these children, for example a default Client and/or Job Ref (a Trip for a single Client and Job), then these values will need to be set in the original Templates (which could then be copied anew to the Month Template - delete the existing children).

Default Template values can be changed as your needs change, so placing these Templates as children for the Month Template may or may not be of any benefit. Also, new Items created will be derived from the original Templates.

screen - TravJur - 04
01 - Flight Template

To build a chronological stream you'll need to consistently use Alt-Z to name (or create) your Items, this could get a little confusing because for a Flight Item the Alt-Z date is going to refer to the Date that the Item was created, not the Depature Date of the Flight. You'll probably need to include some decriptive text after the Date/Time that is meaningful, or Name the Item using the same format as your Alt-Z value.

EDIT: You could Alt-Z to create, then edit the Date portion of the Item Title to push the Item into the future.
%Y-%m-%d - %H:%M:%S - Text
Also see Options | Trees - Alpha sort when adding child.

These are just some fields that seemed to make sense, there may be other data that you wish to track for a mode of Transportation instance.

screen - TravJur - 05
2 - Expenses Template

This Template is essentially the same as the Flight Template except that it does not contain the City_Depart and City_Arrive fields.

screen - TravJur - 06
3 - Note Template

This Template is the same as Expense except that I've dropped the Ticket Ref and Ticket Cost attributes.

screen - TravJur - 07
This screen shows some useage examples. Also, moved the Contacts Folder out of the _UR Folder holding area.

screen - TravJur - 08
Shows an example Search (Search Pane Ctrl-0). Also the searches in Events and Popular may hold elements of required user-defined searches.

Anyway, this is my take on the situation, a place to start.
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