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Travel Journal Example-1


Here's some details that flesh-out these ideas, I need to split the over two postings.

screen - TravJur - 01
_UR Folders contains the default Folders created from File | New
_UR Icons contains some relavent imported icons

See these related threads:

The Attributes Pane shows the user-defined Attributes (Category = Travel). All of these attributes are String except for Ticket Cost which is money. For the String attributes Keywords and Auto-complete properties are selected (default).

Many of these user-defined Attributes are re-used on more than one Template, for example, Client and Job Ref are used on all four Templates - this could be seen as evidence that these attributes should actually move off the Form and become Folders (Grouping Header).

On the other hand, if you are tracking chronological activity it is possible that Items within a chronological stream could be assigned to more than one client (and you could have more than one Job Ref for the same Client within the chrono stream).

The attributes Vendor, Ticket Ref, and Ticket Cost appear on both the Flight and Expense Template - just seemed to make sense (Source of Cost, Reference of Cost, Cost Amount).

There are four user-defined Templates, all based on the Text Template:

0 - Month-Trip-Leg
1 - Flight
2 - Expense
3 - Note

These Templates names have been prefixed with numbers to take advantage of Menu Mnemonics.

See this related thread (Menu Numonics):

It should be noted that the Default Child Template value for each of these user-defined Templates is the respective Template itself. This allows the user to select any existing Item in the chrono stream, then press Insert to create a new child Item of the same type. After data entry is complete, Ctrl-Shift-Left Arrow will move the Item into the chrono stream.

Additionally, you could use Alt-Z instead of Insert to create new child, then the Item Title for the new Item will take on any Custom Date/Time formatting you might have set in Options | Misc.

See this related thread (Alt-Z Behavior):

Flight, Expense, and Note Templates all contain the necessary attributes to create a Reminder.

screen - TravJur - 02
This screen simply lists the user-defined Forms that were created.
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