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Something Else Just Occured to Me

An alternate path would be to create a single Form that contains the required Attributes to create a Reminder, and all the other fields that are unique for each Category (Flight, Expense, Note) - use the same Template for all Items. Some fields will not be used, depending on the Category that the Item will become.

This will allow the assignment of this single Template as the Default Child for Month.

You'll need some method of assigning a Category value or differientiation among the Items.

You could create an Attribute for Cat_Value and restrict the choices to (Flight, Expense, Note), or assign a specific icon to each Item - means running the Item Attribute Pane (Ctrl-4), the Icon Attribute can not be placed on a Form. Either way it requires user interaction to define the Item's category.

EDIT: I'd probably go the separate Template for each Category (Flight, Expense, Note), keeps things more focused.

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