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Re: Journal with quasi categories

Originally posted by StephenUK
I would be interested to know what approach others would adopt.

I am creating a journal, in fact broken down into months.

For each month there will be three categories of entry. Flights. Other expenses. And notes.

I would like to be able to apply a filter so as to see the entries for each category alone, in a given month.

I want to enter the items in chronogical order in a single list for each month and would therefore prefer not to have three sub-headings for each month.
For each "item type" (catagory) - Flight, Expense, Notes - will the same data (attributes) be tracked for all Items of the same category?

For example a Filght Item might track Depature and Arrival data, ticket cost, club miles...

If this is true, then it lends itself to a Template and a user-defined Form.

Searching on (Item) is (Template Name) gives a starting point.

Additional consideration: the Flight Item also lends itself to being an Appointment or Task, either of these default Templates should be considered as a starting point. If syncing with Outlook is required, then I don't think you can modify the Form.

If syncing with Outlook is not required, then the (Begin/End) Time, (Begin/End) Date, Reminder, and Recurring attributes can be used on a user-defined Form to create Reminders for the Item.

Assuming a structure of:

Journal\Year\Month\Item (Flight, Expense, Note)

If you go the Template and Form route it's diffcult to set the Default Template value for the Month Item, a work-around would be Month Template and populate it with one each of the Items (Flight, Expense, Note) and use these as the basis for new Items within the Folder (using Copy). 'Course as your entries grow these "dummy" Items may scroll out of view in the Data Explorer.

You might consider setting Tools | Options | Misc - Insert Time/Date As: Custom
%Y-%m-%d - %H:%M:%S - [begin user text]
or some variation, then Alt-Z when naming a new Item. Inlcuding (Item Title) as the first Attribute of a Form is helpful.

Just some toughts of the top of my head.

This is an interesting project.
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