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Journal with quasi categories

I would be interested to know what approach others would adopt.

I am creating a journal, in fact broken down into months.

For each month there will be three categories of entry. Flights. Other expenses. And notes.

I would like to be able to apply a filter so as to see the entries for each category alone, in a given month.

I want to enter the items in chronogical order in a single list for each month and would therefore prefer not to have three sub-headings for each month.

It is, of course, possible, to set up three parallel separate Journals for each type of entry and to logically link each entry to the master journal, but that is a bit hard work because each entry must then be appropriately linked manually. (I assume it can't be automated).

Alternatively, I can, by way of template facility, create three different types of text note each with a different icon. Presumably I can then have a different tag attibute for each of the three icons, creating each entry using the appropriate icon. I can then presumably search for the chosen attibute (ie effectively searching for all entries with similar incons).

Is this latter approach feasible and commendable, or is there a more obvious way to do things?
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