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I tested the following steps and they seem to work to a certain degree, for those that want to tag and organize their files inside a folder in the Hard Disk.

a) Create a note item in UR, called for instance MyFiles.
b) Import (as a child) a folder with its files from the HD.
c) Create any other item in UR as a child (or not) of MyFiles to organize for instance in categories or fields the files imported (as link).
d) Move the (linked) files imported in UR within items of point c).
e) Any further sync to the imported folder (see point b) will update external new files into UR, without changing the links with what is done in UR with the old ones.

A question that comes at this point is the following. Is there a way to change (the path of) the URL attribute in a mass form, i.e. for many (imported) files at once?

This could be necessary for a situation similar to this. One has the files in a folder called "New ebooks" that has been imported. So in UR the URL attribute is "C:\New ebooks", for each file imported (i.e. linked). After some time (a year) one wants to change the name of his HD folder in "Old ebooks 2019". To not disrupt the sync in UR, one would need to change in a mass way all the URLs with "C:\New ebooks" into the new URL "C:\Old ebooks 2019". Can one perform this mass replacement in UR?

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