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Thanks @kinook to clarify further.

But my confidence with UR is still limited. I read the help file you suggested, even before your post. Yet I do really not understand how to proceed.

Let say that I have a FolderA in C:\Users\FolderA.
It contains two files FileB and FileC and one Sub-folderD.

My UR file is without any item, apart default templates, and a sibling blank Note-item I created.

Now it seems that I am stuck. What shall I do to perform a search synchronization? The Help file is too vague on this regard. Can you point to a tutorial or give simple basic steps?

A possible guess could be the follwing, but I doubt that can be called search synchronization, since I do not have done any "search" at all:

I set a URL attribute in my Note-Item, I created. I pointed the URL to C:\Users\FolderA. Than I performed on that Note-item the standard synchronization.

The advantage is that the items created in UR (let say a note-item as a child under FileB) do not go to FolderA in the HD. However, if one moves within UR the synchronized FileB to the Sub-folderD, there are two Item-notes now, besides of two FileB in UR (one in the old place, and one in the new place). However, while the two FileB show a small arrow to indicate that are linked to the same (Hard Disk) file, the two child UR notes-items do not show the same arrow in their icon, but in fact they are the same: changing one, changes the other.
The drawback is that by any reason one changes FileB (or whatever) from the Hard Disk moving it to Sub-folderD, all the child items created in UR and any keyword given by UR to FileB disappear at the next sync.

Thanks again

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