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Thanks @cnewtonne

> I think the answer to your question is to use 'search synchronization'

Reading the Help file, this may seem what I was looking after.

I tried to implement it, but I came up with nothing. Sorry for the dump question. How is a 'search synchronization' precisely done? No menus, or commands, are given in the help file. Can you offer some tips?

In my various attempts to find a 'search synchronization', I noticed also the following.
1. If one imports again and again the same folder from the Hard Disk (call it FolderA), Keywords (and other attributes) given within UR are preserved.

2. If one moves a file (call it FileB) in Win Explorer, and then imports FolderA again, the linked item to FileB is moved in UR as well, losing UR keywords and attributes. Within UR, an item with the same name remains also in the old position, losing the link (and I presume also the contents for those files that are not txt, rtf, pdf, etc) with FileB in the Hard Disk.

3. If one moves the linked item of FileB within UR from one subfolder to another and the imports again FolderA, there are still two items in UR of the linked FileB as in point 2. Contrary to point 2, however, the two items are linked together, and both of them refer to the same FileB in the Hard Disk.

The drawback of this type of work-flow is that the import command may take time if FolderA contains Terabytes of files, while an incremental synchronization should be faster (and probably safer).

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