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One way sync from a folder to UR

I try to keep my many files (in my case mainly ebooks, but could be photos, etc.) organized, using Windows explorer and adopting proper names and folder structure. Windows attribute fields (under right click-properties) are a mess being unreliable (WinFS was aimed to make order, but it never see the light).

UR Sync:
I thought a work-flow as the following in the attempt to use tagging (via UR keywords) and extra info to my ebooks.
1. Import a target folder (including its sub-folders with ebook & doc files) to UR. Then add keywords from there, and insert also from UR some extra info-notes as a child for each file imported as a link.
2. Use Sync again to update and "import" the new files from the targeted folder into UR again as a link.

Problem of Sync:
However, in my Sync with UR also the items I add within UR goes to my HD targeted folder. And when I sync again the whole folder these new files are "imported" again in UR. So I have now: the child note I added in UR, plus the same note "imported" from the folder. I do not want that. I do *not* like that what I add in UR goes in my folder. I like just the opposite.

I ask then if it is possible the following:
a) to Sync an "imported" folder in "one way", i.e. from the the folder Hard Disk to UR, but not vice versa.
b) Moreover, if I change a file position in the HD (for instance moving it from one sub-folder to another) is it possible for UR to keep track of any UR keyword or UR child it has been given within the application, by moving them to the new position of the file?

Thanks for any feedback

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