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Update Data Explorer pane on Refresh


Suggestion: When user runs the View-->Refresh (F5) command, update the Data Explorer view.

Scenario: Suppose I'm working in multiple instances. I rearrange items in the Data Explorer in Instance #1, and then want to work with those items in their post-rearrangement state in Instance #2.

Currently, to force Instance #2's Data Explorer to refresh its contents according to the current state of the database, I need to hoist a different item, then navigate back to the item I'm working on.

It would be useful if I could update the Data Explorer more quickly. It seems like the most straightforward way would be to have the Refresh command update the Data Explorer as well.

Of course, ideally changes in the Data Explorer of one instance would just instantly and automatically propagate to all other open instances of that file, but I suspect there's no way to trigger a UI update with a database change in this fashion.

Cheers, Aaron
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