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If you look at 000107rezepte.pdf and 001006rezepte.pdf, in the database I sent to you, the word lauch appears not as the word lauch itself it appears only composed as Knoblauch or Knoblauchzehen. The word Lauch itself exist only in the item 000204rezepte.pdf

A search with lauch should only result in the document containing lauch only i.e. 000204rezepte pdf.

A search with lauch* should result in 000204rezepte.pdf too as there is the word Lauchstange

A search with *lauch* should show as result all documents for Lauch, Lauchstange and Knoblauch

A search with *lauch should show all documents containing Knoblauch.
When you search for lauch all 3 pdf are shown in the result window, but 000107rezepte.pdf and 001006rezepte.pdf do not contain Lauch but Knoblauchzehe and Knoblauch.
I refer in this matter to following phrase of teh helpfile of UR
If full-text search enhancements are enabled, matches are whole word by default. To match a partial word, add a * at the end of the word (i.e. test*).
In the pure text item the search works well, it concerns only the pdf files.
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