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Ultra Recall for Document Management?

Let me clarify a bit: By "document management" I mean either linking or storing all documents pertaining to a particular project.

E.g., I have a few hundred documents related to insurance claims that I need to track. I need the ability to have these documents, which consist mostly of various pieces of correspondence to and/or from insurance companies that have been scanned to PDF files. By "track" I mean being able to select and sort in almost any way, and to search for a specific document or documents quickly and accurately.

There are some applications available commercially that are designed specifically for document control/organization/tracking, but they are primarily "Enterprise" programs and are extremely costly.

I initially just listed them in Excel and have that file set up with a few lookup tables, but Excel loses its simple functionality when you get too many variables in a list like that. Presently I have all the docs in Web Idea Tree, a program originally designed for bibliographies and later marketed as a web site builder. But I would like to put it in Ultra Recall if it can be done easily and if I can search and then view/print the documents as I need.

Thanks for any help and advice on this.

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