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Question VB6 Step - Continue Building project if step fails not working

I have a VB6 project that fails during build. I have the propety set under the Project\Group tab to "Continue building non-dependent projects if a project fails to build", however my build terminates on any error and stops completely.

Is there something else I need to do to continue building non-depenedent projects on failure?

Error Logged:
Step default property 'Filename' = 'C:\Development\5.1 SP1\Source\Search Services\IndexScheduler\Task Scheduler\test\TaskScheTest.vbp'
setting debug info...building ('C:\Development\5.1 SP1\Source\Search Services\IndexScheduler\Task Scheduler\test\frmTaskTest.frm' newer than target)...
Compile Error in File 'C:\Development\5.1 SP1\Source\Search Services\IndexScheduler\Task Scheduler\test\frmTaskTest.frm', Line 2 : Can't find project or library
Build of 'TaskScheTest.exe' failed.
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