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Thanks ash.

BTW, the only reason I said that about Excel files within UR was because I had not been able to open any Excel files up to that point. However as I noted in my edit in my last post I now see that I can.

As for the data records themselves, it appears that you are anticipating Claim_Event as a sort of primary key, or unique identifier, correct? Or did I misunderstand? Unfortunately these documents do not natively contain any unique identifier, so I had to assign each a user-assigned ID number as a primary key. All of the records are actual, distinct pieces of correspondence, some with related forms. Presently each row in Excel directly corresponds to a physical document - hard copy - which I have scanned to my hard drive using a scanner and software that scans each to a searchable PDF file.

While I currently have not created any record without a related document I do want the ability to add such records myself; records that do not have an associated physical document. So yes, I will need both Doc and Text Templates. I also need to be able to add my own notes to each record. Not that every doc would have a note attached; only those for which I determine a need.

I can't post too much in the way of details here in the forum -- confidentiality issues (My own foremost among them!)

Thank you for all the great help!

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