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Thanks guys!


This sounds encouraging - though it sounds like the search capabilities are somewhat limited. That's a little disappointing as I had thought the searching in UR was very robust. But at least I can now start working with it and see how it does work.

What I did not want to do was just start trying to get it all in there and after much reading and working find out that this is something that UR just does not do - or does not do well.

BTW, I do have UR configured to view and edit internally MS Office files and PDF files.


I'm not certain that I wish to try and work with Excel files within UR. I do see that the Help file insists that UR can view and edit them if configured properly, but I am not able to make that happen. While I can view PDF and .doc files, and edit .doc files, when I try to open Excel files I always get a popup "Open File in Excel" dialog. Same with PowerPoint files. I have MS Office 2003 Professional installed but they will not open in UR.

I have read all that exists in the UR Help file on MS Office files and I cannot find anything that is not properly configured. Unless, of course, there are unstated hacks required to do this.



EDIT: OK, I see now that I must click in the Excel dialog in order to open the file for internal editing within UR. I had thought that would open it for editing externally. Only problem is that I already had Excel itself open for another two files and I found that I could not do anything at all with those - not even close them or Excel - since I had open a sample .xls file in UR - even after I closed the file in UR. Appears that it locks up Excel for as long as UR itself is open after opening an Excel file for internal editing.

I'll have to make sure to remember that in the future.


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