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OK, UR is capable of indexing the common files like pdf,doc, ... (depending on the setting tools->option->import->keywording). So you will be able to search very fast, but note that the search results will give you only the item name, no highlighting of found terms. If you only linked your files to UR (they could still be indexed in UR), you could setup other indexing program, which can highlight search terms and offer some advanced search techniques (this is the way I do it).

You can set up to view several file types internally in UR (pdf, doc, ...).

Now there are several ways to deal with attributes that you need to add to your documents, Date of Letter, Company, ...
You could create a template with these attributes and create a form for it as well. Or you could be adding these attributes manually (but you can select many items at once to add and set the attribute value). Depends whether you'd prefer the files the have the original icons, like PDF, DOC, or if you used template, all documents with the same template will have initially the template icon (but you could change these using search for specific DocType or just for ".pdf" ".doc" in the Item Title).

I can go on and on, let us know if you need more help ...
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