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Testing with Windows XP SP3, Firefox 3.0.1, Evernote, Surfulater 2.52 Build 10.0, and Ultra Recall 3.5a.

1) Gmail message after selecting message body

Ultra Recall: Firefox extension doesn't import selection properly, which we will investigate. Copy/paste into UR does work.
Surfulater and Evernote did import selection via Firefox extension.

2) Environment Canada, after selecting current conditions and forecast

UR, Evernote, and Surfulater: page imported, but style information not captured. We'll add to our list to enable UR to capture this page's styles and layout.

3) MSN car review
I couldn't reproduce a problem with capture of images -- the URL of the problem page would be helpful.

Testing with (after selecting review title, image and article text)

I got similar results to the Environment Canada page -- UR, Evernote, and Surfulater all captured the contents, but none captured the page's style info. This page defines styles similar to EC, so fixing one should apply to both.

4) CNET GreenTech

I wasn't able to reproduce slow import into UR -- importing various selections from Firefox consistently took about 1 second. Perhaps the server was temporarily unresponsive when retrieving some of the page content.
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