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One answer but problems persist

1. I think I found out why the clipboard was getting involved; last night I had also installed a copy of Clipmate. I shut Clipmate down, and UR went back to its usual pattern of importing. So we know part of the problem.

2. However...UR imported a horizontal selection of graphics from Environment Canada showing the weather for today, an what is expected tomorrow. However, UR could not render it with anything close to accuracy, and it ran like a column down the left hand of UR window. Evernote had no problem.

3. I selected some text from this url:
UR took about 32 seconds to import it. Evernote took about three seconds. Both programs did a good job of rendering the page. 32 seconds is unacceptable. I have had such delays before from UR, and the frustrating thing is that one never knows what one will get when it finally is imported.

Both 2 and 3 were from FF.

I do a lot of research on the web. The delays and not being sure makes UR unacceptable.

I am not trying to be negative when I emphasize there are programs that do it far faster, and with greater accuracy. I appreciate it when you say there are reasons why FF does what it does, but it is little comfort to the consumer, the end user. Here I am with all this metadata power, and search capabilities that one day I might understand properly if they were put into language a guy like me could understand, but I can't use the product because it doesn't do the web nearly as well as some of its competitors.

With all its issues, I truly long for the days of ADM, and there's a rumour that Arne and Eric will resurface when they finish a stint of slave labour at the Bejing Olympics.

So the holy grail of a single program solution again blows up. I use EN for web work, and for writing and medium weight metadata, I will use MyInfo.

Please forgive my negative tone. I admire UR and what you folks have done. Please take this as its meant -- helpful feedback. And check into Clipmate and see how it may interfere with UR (if I find more about that I'll let you know.).

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