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Re: Re: Copying Web Pages

Originally posted by kinook
Did 'Copy to UR' in IE do nothing, result in an error, not import all formatting, or something else? Please send:
1) The info from Help | About | Install Info
2) The version of IE
3) The URLs of the problem pages

Gmail does seem really strange stuff. First, since the pages are behind a login, you will need to select part/all of the page before importing. But in my tests w/ IE7, when copying part or all of a Gmail message page, IE doesn't provide HTML format at all. And Google Notebook wasn't able to capture the message either.

With Firefox 3, selecting part/all of a message and copying does provide HTML format, and I was able to copy/paste that into UR to capture.

Try installing the extension manually by navigating to within Firefox and clicking on 'Install Firefox extension'.
Thanks for the reply.

Re Gmail: it does strange stuff in UR, not in Evernote or Surfulater. I did select part of the page before importing. And for that I was using the latest version of FF.

I am using Explorer 7.

Since the exact urls weren't captured by UR, I can't send them to you. They were from various MSN pages,

I noticed toay for the first time that whenever I tried to copy to UR, it was going by way of the I didn't find the imported item under the impored icon in the tree. I had to manually paste it in.

One item was a car review from MSN, which had several pictures. UR got the text, but not the pix.

I tried installing the extensions for both Firefox and TB. Both extensions query what file to open them with, and there is a choice provided of FF and TB. I selected FF for the FF extension, and TB opened up.

So I went back to the web pages, and saw where it mentioned simply to use the UR installer. I clicked on the link, and found I was taken to the page for downloading the whole package, but there was nothing there about an installer for extensions. So I assume the installer refers to the UR installer. I am sure I selected last extensions.

I will try again.

But I need to say this is an awful lot of work for what should be fairly simply now. Surfulater and Evernote make it much easier, and MyInfo falls somewhere in the middle. But UR is a premier product, and should have this stuff down cold.

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