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Re: Copying Web Pages

Originally posted by Daly de Gagne
I am among those who have always found UR weak in this regard.

I downloaded the latest version last night, excited by posts I had seen in the forum.

I tried to get some basic news papes into UR.

In each case, in stead of it being automatic after I clicked "copy to UR" in Explorer, I had to go to UR and do a paste. I wonder if this is because I had selected the box to choose location where a sent item goes to.
Did 'Copy to UR' in IE do nothing, result in an error, not import all formatting, or something else? Please send:
1) The info from Help | About | Install Info
2) The version of IE
3) The URLs of the problem pages

As well, I have never been able to import Gmail to Ultra Recall because UR will only reproduce the log-in page for Gmail when I do so. This in itself is a major reason why I cannot use UR as my main PIM.
Gmail does seem really strange stuff. First, since the pages are behind a login, you will need to select part/all of the page before importing. But in my tests w/ IE7, when copying part or all of a Gmail message page, IE doesn't provide HTML format at all. And Google Notebook wasn't able to capture the message either.

With Firefox 3, selecting part/all of a message and copying does provide HTML format, and I was able to copy/paste that into UR to capture.

Also, I am unable to get UR to show up in Firefox as an option.
Try installing the extension manually by navigating to within Firefox and clicking on 'Install Firefox extension'.
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