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Version 3.2.6

Released on November 7, 2007
Refreshed on April 4, 2008 (UltraRecall.exe version in Help | About | Install Info)*


  • Smaller recurrence durations (hours, minutes).
  • Map Outlook task status to UR flag attribute when synchronizing.
  • Move cursor after image when pasting in rich text editor.
  • Firefox extension supports Firefox v3.*

    Bug fixes

  • Unsaved changes not saved when closing tab.*
  • With 3 or more tabs open, after closing a tab other than last two, panes were not reloaded when switching to the next tab, resulting in detail pane displaying information from wrong item.*
  • Error could occur when rapidly switching between tabs.*
  • File/folder sync fixes: 1) Synchronizing item with filename containing [ or ] characters duplicates item; 2) Synchronizing folder item creates duplicate (Untitled) folder item in some cases; 3) Error when synchronizing document item with null URL attribute; 4) Syncing temp edited document with valid URL attribute syncs to/from URL document instead of temp document.*
  • Lockup importing some web pages.*
  • Errors importing from XML or CSV file into Item Notes or Item Text attributes.*
  • Error when moving an item with unsaved changes from Child Items pane with Link/Move dialog
  • Changing date on a form via Alt+C doesn't persist
  • Synchronizing limited search synchronizes all matching items.
  • Edit | Insert Hyperlink not defaulting title to selected text and could be inserted in wrong location.
  • Pasted image displays as blank when pasting from external apps with some versions of rich edit control.
  • Tree | Refresh All selects root item instead of previous selection when hoisted.
  • Repair fixes 'TitleAttributeID may not be null' error when permanently deleting items.
  • Access Count column not updated immediately in Related Items pane.
  • ClearType used for menus even when disabled in Windows on Vista and/or when using Office 2007 theme.
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