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1) Exit UR
2) Download and double-click the attached .reg file in Explorer
3) Restart UR
4) Assign a shortcut key to the program favorite via Favorites | Organize (to pass arguments to the program, create a Windows shortcut to the program, add the arguments to its Target field, and assign that shortcut filename as the favorite item's URL)
5) To launch the favorite program, press the shortcut key with Ctrl also held down (i.e., Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P)

The .reg file creates the registry setting "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Kinook Software\Ultra Recall\Options\LaunchFavoriteExternal" with a value of 1, which overrides the default behavior of Ctrl+<fav shortcut> opening in a new tab to instead launch the URL of the favorite item in Windows. To put back the old behavior, delete that registry value.
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