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Lightbulb Password protection at InfoItem Level (a workaround)

I'm playing with this experiment moved partly by some requests asking for password protection at InfoItem/Node level. See:

1. I created an empty database with UltraRecall.
2. Then I deleted all Template items and all elements I could in it to make my empty database as light as possible.
3. Then I password protected my "light" database and imported it by drag and drop into another database (where I have all my stuffs) as a Template InfoItem. I like the small size of it once imported (in the order of 67kb aprox. -many stored documents are much bigger, and have not tried to make it even smaller).
4. Then I renamed my new Template InfoItem little resident database a meaningful name, say UltraPack. Now I can use it to build any new node/InfoItem based on this template and have password protection at node level.
5. Now I can store/link any info/document into the resident little urd database and have password protection at any level.

This is not a front-end solution but just a workaround. One issue with my approach is that UR can't detect keywords generated for documents in the resident database at least for now. I handle this by keywording it manually.

Hope this can be valuable to anybody.

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