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Version 6.1

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Released on July 27, 2020

Updated on December 22, 2020* (UltraRecall.exe

  • Open in New Instance command (Item menu).
  • Utilize Tools | Options | Import | Insert separator text option (now Separator text for appending/joining/combining/splitting) when splitting an item.
  • Include footer values when copying in grid.
  • Support registry option IncludeItemTitleOnJoin for join behavior.* []
  • Option for one-way folder synchronization (see SyncDirection at
  • Ability to customize vertical spacing in tree (see MaxTreeHeight at
  • Use OPML tag when exporting to XML file format.

    Bug Fixes
  • Error importing TreePad file.* []
  • Zoom level in browser gets small after viewing folder.* []
  • Error after splitting item with unsaved changes.* []
  • Fix issues when splitting item in hoisted tree.* []
  • Error undoing after splitting item.* []
  • Hang when splitting or pasting with blank separator text.* []
  • Dropping text not honoring Split text on separator import option.* []
  • Crash editing tables with Office rich edit control.* [PolarSpellChecker.dll]
  • Web page import loses some images.* []
  • When splitting item, truncate item titles at MaxCharsForItemTitle.* []
  • Tools | Options | Import | Append to current item not honored if Tools | Options | Search | Highlight matches is unchecked.
  • Error importing empty file.
  • Crash changing layouts if inspect.exe or other accessibility tool is running.
  • Opening internal link not focusing rich edit control on form.
  • Deleting a style does not persist between sessions.
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