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Originally posted by kinook
Testing on a i7 860 Intel CPU machine with Win7 x64 SP1, startup time in our tests is under 2 seconds (with or without a 250MB .urd file opening). That seems pretty fast, but if you leave UR running all the time, startup time may not be a huge issue.
2 seconds? Then there's indeed something wrong here. Timed it just now, and it took 9.5 seconds after I hit the pinned icon on the taskbar for me to see the program window (with no .url file loaded at launch).

My system is a i5-2400 with plenty of RAM, and my system drive is an intel 25-M SSD. Before testing, I've disabled all pre-loaded programs and then rebooted the system. I also launched UR once (so the program should be loaded in system cache already), closed it, and then relaunched and timed the second launch.

I know i5 is no i7, but it's a Sandy Bridge cpu (so should be a little faster than i5 of the previous generation), on a P67 board. 9.5 seconds to launch doesn't seem right, does it? In comparison, Firefox 4 (a program notorious for slow start) with dozens of extensions and 4 tabs open took less than 2 seconds to launch. Any suggestion where I might look into?

The unicode issues will take more time to test. It's past 2 AM here and I'm going to bed. I'll report back tomorrow.

Thanks for your prompt replies to all my questions.
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