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@TMF--I get it. I can see how this would be ideal if you have a small number of tags and don't need hierarchy. For me, this might work for a subset of tags, but if it were the only view available it wouldn't.

@wordmuse: I'm curious whether you're speaking of EN 3.x or 2.2. A lot of folks have rejected 3.x to stick with 2.2. I'm not one of them, although I understand their point of view. Personally, I find the latest EN incarnation of tags quite good, although I would appreciate a more intuitive and powerful way to employ Boolean arguments. I feel like tagging implementations are still very much in flux across the software horizon. Tabbles, a file-tagging program, has a very ingenious graphical interface for Boolean logic. I can't imagine UR going this graphical, but perhaps it could be implemented in more tree-like mode, as in Surfulater, e.g.

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