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Hi, keyword watchers,

Personally, I've never understood the utility of tag clouds. They seem to allow only one dimension of organization--frequency. And if I have a lot of tags, it becomes difficult to find what I'm looking for in the cloud. When I'm looking for info relevant to tag x and tag y, frequency is irrelevant. Clouds look nice, but what am I missing that makes them actually useful?

What I am looking for is the ability to organize info items--therefore, a tag tree is what appeals to me most, where I can navigate around via relationships between tags. While I'm at it, if there is a tag tree, it would be great if tags could be cloned, the way info items can--this would allow me to create more complex relationships among tags.

There is an interesting, if incomplete, implementation in Surfulater. With any given tag selected, subitems are autoamatically created corresponding to other tags that appear on items in conjunction with the given tag. It's like an AND search, but unlike the AND search, it shows you all the tags found in conjunction with the selected one. The branch are iterative, i.e., you can keep drilling down to get new combinations. (Not sure I explained this well!)

I'm certainly looking forward to seeing what the folks at Kinook come up with!

Best wishes,
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