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Originally posted by PureMoxie
However, isn't software purchased for what it can do at the time you purchase it?
yes and no. You might buy it, because there is simply nothing better at the time, but that might not be true in one year or even less. When you include the time to learn the software and most importantly your valuable information which, however easy the export is, would be hassle to move to different software, you realize that the purchase price is much more than just the current version of the software.

Originally posted by PureMoxie
In regard to UR's maturity and usefulness - isn't it true that if you are happy with the current feature set, you can use UR for many years to come in its current state
true, but who said I'm happy? ;-)
Just an example: great feature of internal links ... but just change it's name and it's lost forever, cause you won't find it. Plus, it's so complicated to simply see all the items where the current item is linked. The internal links pane was on the road map, but now it's gone ... probably forever.