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Originally posted by J-Mac
(ashwken - you might like MailBag Assistant in particular for its ability to extract email addresses from extremely large databases of mail archives - mine has ~40,000 messages - and similar extraction capabilities for your leads.)
Thanks for the suggestion and I'll keep it in mind.

Actually there are a number of industry specific solutions available that probably would have saved me a lot of time and trouble over developing something in UR. Some are in line with UR Pro in pricing, where others are two to three times more expensive. Espeically when I had to consider not just Lead Tracking but also office management functions.

But all of those solutions were somebody elses idea of how something should be done, and there was always something missing (and some have moved to entirly web-based solutions, something I didn't want to get locked into). Besides, UR also fills most of my personal needs.
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