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Originally posted by J-Mac

No, the search function on this board isn't that difficult - but I've searched for the info I am seeking and have not really found that much that helps. Most of it, understandably, is very specific to one particular need or question. I, on the other hand, am looking for somewhat more general information.

Don't get me wrong - there is definitely something of value in almost every thread I have read here. However to try and learn what I would like is kind of agonizing when you get it by reading each and every thread and pick out the gems in them!
Yes, I should have phrased that differently. The search function itself is not difficult to use, but figuring out which phrase will produce the most relavent results... (maybe google restricted to a domain?).

Yes, when using a message board to come up to speed you just about have to resort to browsing by thread title. This can be time consuming and frustrating, but even the stuff you come across that doesn't have particular meaning when starting out may click at some point later.

The UR documentation mentions prominently in several places that it can import and/or synchronize with your Outlook data. While I can see having some parts of my Outlook data could be useful, I can't help but to wonder if anyone is actually syncing all of their Outlook data with UR.
Yes, I've wondered about that myself.

What are the advantages to settings up a folder storage system in Outlook, then bringing that structure over to UR and keeping them synced?

I'm probably not using Outlook to its fullest. Although I do you use the Appointment calendar, but beyond that I'm forced to use Outlook as a Contact Repository because the Multiple Listing Service (Real Estate) we use looks to Outlook for email addresses when emailing reports.

I've turned to UR for Lead Tracking and Listing/Sales Transaction Tracking - in both cases I shoot Contacts and relavent emails from Outlook to UR. In the case of Contacts, as mentioned above, I've got to keep the Contacts in Outlook, but in the case of emails - once I send them into UR I delete the message in Outlook.

I'm anal enough to build nested conversations in UR, but on the other hand it allows me to see a chain of events in perspective (and I need to document everything). But what ends up happening is that the UR database grows in size due to the attachments, which at times are reptative especially in the case of Leads. But this is true whether I store the email in UR or Outlook. I'm still wrestling with a solution to this workflow.
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