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Thanks again, ashwken.

No, the search function on this board isn't that difficult - but I've searched for the info I am seeking and have not really found that much that helps. Most of it, understandably, is very specific to one particular need or question. I, on the other hand, am looking for somewhat more general information.

Don't get me wrong - there is definitely something of value in almost every thread I have read here. However to try and learn what I would like is kind of agonizing when you get it by reading each and every thread and pick out the gems in them!

An example of the generalized info I am wondering about:

The UR documentation mentions prominently in several places that it can import and/or synchronize with your Outlook data. While I can see having some parts of my Outlook data could be useful, I can't help but to wonder if anyone is actually syncing all of their Outlook data with UR.

E.g., I currently have my Outlook contacts in UR. And I don't believe that any of it is being synced. I was trying to follow the Help file to set up the sync but it wasn't working out very well. So I simply clicked and dragged the Contacts folder in Outlook and dropped it into UR. It beautifully created a Contacts folder in UR with all my contacts data. However I am not certain at all what I would do with my email messages in UR. Well, actually I do have some important individual messages stored in UR, but syncing all my email? I cannot yet see the benefit for me in that. Smae goes for my Outlook calendar data - I primarily use my Google Calendar instead of Outlook. And the Outlook tasks? Worthless, IMO. I use another Web 2.0 application - Toodledo - instead. Microsoft still had not figured out that task management is desireable at all. (I had some long discussions with MS Office programmers on the MSDN forum and many there insist that Outlook users have no desire to "waste" time managing their tasks, and thus they won't "waste" their time on expanding the task aspect of Office!)

Anyway, thanks again.

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