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Create a series of Attributes that correspond to these Templates names, and assign the Attributes so that each Template has the same name Attribute plus the previous named Attribute:

H1 - Article Title: (H1 - Article Title)
H2 - Chapter: (H1 - Article Title, H2 - Chapter)
H3 - subChapter: (H1 - Article Title, H2 - Chapter, H3 - subChapter)
H4 - Section: (H1 - Article Title, H2 - Chapter, H3 - subChapter, H4 - Section)

Create a corresponding Form for each Template.
Oops, I was working from memory and this work was on my home system. There's also a corresponding Title Expression for each Template.

trim(coalesce([H1 - Article Title],'(H1 - Article Title)'))
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