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Thanks ashwken!

Excellent written post! This is exactly the kind of info that I was hoping to see in this thread.

Like a lot of aspects of Ultra Recall, the info in your post at first blush looks like quite a bite to chew and swallow, but I've learned to take one piece at a time and get to the point where I fully understand it before moving to the next piece. (I am an excellent multi-tasker in many ways, but unfortunately not with database use/manipulation!)

You are correct in that Template usage is UR is not an area that is easily understood - at least for me. This will help a lot, I think.

BTW, it was your screenshots in the other thread that alerted me to the realization that I can for the most part ignore the default tree structure in a new database (URD) and basically build my own to suit. Please tell me if I am overstating that, or if it is indeed possible to add/delete folders and place them in an order that is most beneficial to the individual user.

Again, thank you for your most eloquent and helpful post!

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