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Originally posted by ashwken
Also, when originally create/assign an Attribute that is an Info Item to a Template, you are returned to the IA Pane and the Chose List pops-up.

Generally you would not want to assign a default value at the Tempalte level so you chose Cancel on the Chose Item Dialog giving you a blank value (a value is chosen when the new Item created).

But let's say that you want to come back (to the Template) at a later date and set a temporary default value for a Info Item, once you are thru with this temporary useage you can NOT re-blank the value at the Template level - something must be selected.
OK, I've been working thru this and it would seem that you do want to give the Info Items a default value in the Submission Template, the default value would be the Folder that contains the respective Child Items:

Submit_Article = Articles Folder

Submit_Website = Websites Folder

Then for a new Submission Item these values can be re-set to an actual Item - the Choose pop-up will be focused at the current value (Articles or Websites Folder), might save some time navigating the Choose pop-up (shows the current state, collasped or expanded, of the Data Explorer tree).

It still appears that once a value is given for an Info Item at the Template level, that value can be changed, but you can not revert to a blank value. 'Course, in light of the above, is there a valid reason for wanting a blank value?
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