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Originally posted by luke
It's the other way round I want. I'd want to update multiple attribute,

In other words I'd want to go across the 10 different submitted-website columns in the same row, in one go.

You've showed some really neat stuff I have to say. I never knew you could update an attribute in multiple items.
Because the Submissions folder is an Intersection table it's going to have a load of records, one for each Submission Event. Eventually you may want to move these into a date-grouped (sub-)folder structure. The Searches that you build against the Submission Event Item will be based on:

Item is Submission (template)

if you do not restrict the Search to a particular location, Submission Items will be returned regardless of their location within UR (as long as they meet any additional Search parameters).

As you have pointed out you will need to "touch" each record (Submission Event).

For example: submit on the same day, the same Article, to (10) different Websites (Publishers).

Create a new Submission Item, do not set any default values, copy/paste the Item to the Submissions Folder, this will create a series of "Untitled (x)" Items. Select the series of Items and from the IA Pane (Ctrl-4) set the values for [Submit_Date] and [Submit_Article]. You will still need to "touch" each Item to set it's other required value [Submit_Website].

To streamline this you could have groups of Submission Items pre-built (blank, by Publisher), then copy/paste as needed.
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