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A very interesting solution... Thanks for explaining this. That screen shot helps a lot.

Being honest, looking at it, I don't think I'd want to use it in that particular way. Because of the way the data is structured.

I'll be submitted each article to 10 sites let say. The same 10 sites for each article. So here, for submitting 10 articles that'd be 100 seperate operations.

Tabular structure, with the ability to update the 10 article fields at once would still probably be best for me...

It's intriguing to see this relational database structure in UR though.

A more basic idea that you've given me is to simply use custom attributes on the article nodes: website1, website2, website3, and tick them off when submitted.

But that's just 2 dimensional though, hmmm...

So actually your solution is pretty brilliant, I see that its tricky to hold article, submission-website and date of submission (per submission website) in any application because you *have* to get into the intersection table: Article_Website_Datesubmitted - with one record per submission. Which you've amply provided.

I think I'm gonna have a to drop the date attribute (from database format). In fact if I have one date for a bunch of submissions then I can get by with custom attributes on Article items: 1 per submission website and a 1 for submission date.

That should work... Thanks again for explaining.

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