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Originally posted by ashwken
In this particular example I would think that you would want a meaningful title for the Submission Event, granted the Publication folder is going to be used primarly for Searches, but still a more descriptive title in the Search Results would be helpful.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not down-playing your suggestion but trying to work it thru because it has application to many different situations.
I completely understand. I expected the same thing as you do, this is what I was asking in email:

"when I try to use for the title attribute based on info item, it displays list of items' ids ...
that was unexpected, I thought it would display that item's title, not it's id. I was kinda hoping that one could have items that would update its name according to attributes of another item, that would be cool "

Info item attributes are really powerful. In fact I was expecting "info items" when I joined UR community, cause UR is based on sql database, and these things are just basic building blocks in relational databases.

It would be nice if item title could consists of item titles from another items, I think it's a natural next step in the "item title customization" feature set. But on the other hand, all the info is readily available in the child pane if one wishes, so I personally don't see it as a big drawback not having that feature at the moment ...

Kinook is slowly releasing more and more database power, I hope we will be able to run sql queries in UR some time down the line as well ;-)
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