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Originally posted by quant
yeah, I'm aware of that, one of the first questions I asked Kinook after they introduced info item attributes in UR ...

"The way it's implemented (item titles), they're only dynamic in the sense that if the user changes an attribute (in the same item) that is used in the title, the title will update to reflect that change. Values from other items (i.e., parent title) aren't supported."
Uhmmm, trying to understand Kinook's statement...

This screen shot shows that [Submit_Article] has a value which is the Item Title from the Lookup (Info Item), but the expression is returning the node path.

In this particular example I would think that you would want a meaningful title for the Submission Event, granted the Publication folder is going to be used primarly for Searches, but still a more descriptive title in the Search Results would be helpful.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not down-playing your suggestion but trying to work it thru because it has application to many different situations.

EDIT: Oh OK, the value for [Submit_Article] is actually the node path for the Item returned from the Lookup, even though it is showing an Icon and the actual Item Title.

Edit-II: Modified the Title Expression to the following:

[Submit_Date] || " - " || [Submit_Website] || trim(coalesce ([Update_Title],''))

this removes the [Update_Title] Attribute from being required as part of the Title Expression, previously (as shown in screen shot) it required a value for the expression to evaluate.
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