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Re: Looking for Advice for Research Uses of Ultra Recall...

Originally posted by WentSo
I have spent the past week testing tree-note programs like Ultra Recall. Ultra Recall appears to have the most features of any of these applications. I am wondering if the users here have any suggestions for making the most of Ultra Recall when doing academic research. I like the document management capabilities of the program for example, and went through the basic .urd files included.
I use it for research and it's simply GREAT! Grab websites, organize your library, take notes, link relevant notes to each other, schedule your time/meetings/conferences/contacts/ ....

Originally posted by WentSo
Another question (a quick one) is it possible to have more than one tree open at the same time? Some other programs allowed this option (through tabs) but I couldn't find it in Ultra Recall.
no, but it was already suggested here, hopefully will be implemented. For the time being you can use alt+L if you want to link one item to another, or alt+J if you want to jump to another location ....
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