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I'm grateful for your generosity of expounding the seemingly mysterious indecipherable database structure. In light of your revelation, now I understand the dynamics and evolution of a live UR database construction process. In particular, the lessons I learn from you include but not limited to:
1. Mixing both the design and production data into a single database at least during the initial stage. Such approach promotes clarity and productivity through rapid cross reference.
2. The children of an Info Item, in this case, MLS listing items, consist of heterogeneous data types. That's amazing.

Also, every new project that I work on teaches me more about UR, my methods are still evolving, and I still haven't fully translated what I learned about data normalization into the UR framework and parlance.
Due to UR's unconventional design, for all practical purposes, the normalization in accordance with Edgar F. Codd is no longer relevant and applicable here, IMHO.

I believe your down-to-earth approach, just like GTD, can be applied to most UR users with success.

Again, thanks for taking valuable time to reply my post.

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