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ashwken's Data Structure

I'm intrigued by ashwken's meticulous database design.
1. What's inside the _System Items and _User-Defined KW folders?
2. Does _user-Defined KW consist of Search Info Items?
3. How do you create the _User-Defined KW contents, programmatically or manually? In particular, how are the KWs generated?
4. Is New Folder a derived template or just plain Info Item?
5. Given that two urds were offered by you, you appear to be more inclined to mulitple-urd database design, aren't you?
6. How do you generate the account numbers such as 100524 without duplicates? Are the account number generated programmatically or manually (ie, visual lookup)?

Sorry for more questions. Kinook creates a highly innovative tool, but it take a determined user like you to push the envelope of the technology with ingenuity and practical experience.

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