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Come on, Quant, I don't think you're not being fair here.

While it's entirely possible all questions are answered in the help file -- and I don't doubt that -- I think what you are seeing is a frustration with understanding what's written.

Help files are notorious for being written badly because they are usually assembled by engineers & while engineers understand & can explain the actual workings of some function, that's entirely different than offering a "how to" accomplish something.

I have the feeling that most user questions would be "superficial" like mine: Can URp number the items in the related items pane? The answer is "no". However a partial workaround might be accomplished this way: step 1, 2, 3 etc.

I have not looked at the Help file carefully so I can't offer any comments about possible improvements @ this time but I can say that -- even though I have a basic understanding of UltraRecall jargon -- I, too, have been mystified by sections of the help file at times.
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