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My thread "Search problems" has got 681 views up to now, for various subjects, but this thread here, "Hoist/Newtab possible in combination?" has got 432 views, for just the one subject in the title.

This clearly indicates that there is enormous, general interest in hoisting, and in hoisting being the sleekest possible (i.e. "easy-peasy").

Thus, I would like to mention here, my post of today, in "Search problems", and in which I suggest that the search in a hoisted tree (i.e. in a tab displaying a hoisted sub-tree) should, by default at least, not work anymore on the whole tree, but just on the hoisted part of the whole tree, displayed in that tab.

I am very confident this (equally easily to implement) feature should also appeal to a very large number of fellow UR users. (For details see over there.)
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