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Versioning the build file on save

I am looking for a way to automatically version the build (.bld) file whenever it is saved.

I am often modifying a build across several machines and it is difficult to know which might be the latest state of modification. Of course this could be easily fixed if I simply kept better track of the updates and scripts! But it got me thinking if there would be a way to say capture the Save procedure and interject maybe a project macro update with a timestamp or version? I realize there is a timestamp on the .bld file itself, but it may be more useful to have the ability to create my own version indicator that would be more applicable. There are obvious ways to accomplish this by taking separate steps on my own, but I am looking for possible automation.

I am aware of the ability to perform a project save if it is determined that IsModified is true, but I was looking to tie directly into the save or Ctrl + S functionality. Also, I am looking to do this whether I am simply modifying the script or in some form of build of the script and decide to save.

Would this even be possible?
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